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Nonprofit donations under consideration
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Warren County is considering donating $80,000 to nonprofit organizations for fiscal year 2016-17. The amount is $720 less than what was given last year and $82,485 less than what was requested this year.Members of the county Procedures and Rules Committee have reviewed the requests. In attendance were County Executive Herschel Wells and Commissioners Carl E. Bouldin, Teddy Boyd, Michael Martin, Ken Martin and Diane Starkey.Members unanimously agreed to the following:• American Red Cross - $8,000• CHEER Mental Health Association - $5,000• Citizens for Progress Scholarship - $2,000• Families in Crisis - $1,000• Governor’s Books from Birth - $3,000• Heritage Alliance - $1,250• Main Street McMinnville - $1,250• Chamber of Commerce - $5,000• Senior Center - $8,000• Pacesetters - $2,000• Sister City Program - $5,000• Tennessee Opportunity Programs - $500• Volunteer Fire Departments - $21,000• Warren County A&L Fair - $7,500• Warren County Emergency Food Bank - $2,500• Meals on Wheels - $2,500• Young Men United - $4,000• Caring Hearts United - $500The proposed allocations will be sent to the county Budget and Finance Committee for consideration before being placed in the consolidated budget for the Financial Management Committee to review.