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New vehicle considered for EMS director
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Warren County’s EMS director might finally receive a newer vehicle.
“How do we go about requesting or seeing about getting a new vehicle for Preston,” said Commissioner Randy England. “That poor Jeep is about done all it’s going to do. That Jeep has served its time and done its duty. It’s time for something else.”
The question was raised during Tuesday’s Safety Committee meeting. It’s a purchase that has been under consideration numerous times.
“If we have money in the budget, we could buy one off government auction, a surplus one,” said Commissioner Teddy Boyd. “That’s how we got the Jeeps a few years ago. We bought three of them off government auction.”
England expressed a desire to purchase new.
“I may have my figures wrong, but it seems like the sheriff’s Explorers are in the $27,000 range,” said England. “I’m sure we could get a used one a lot cheaper, but won’t a new one, if we could swing it, be more beneficial? I would like to see him have a better vehicle for sure.”
Boyd replied, “We’ve approached it a few times in the past when Brian (Jennings) was director. Each time, we hit a wall.”
That “wall” being the county Budget and Finance Committee, says Commissioner Charles Morgan.
“We would have an easier time getting a 30,000-mile used one than we would in getting a new one,” Morgan said. “Budget and Finance would balk at a new one. I’m not trying to be negative, but we’ve tried this for years. It never gets past Budget and Finance.”
Recently, the county increased its bid limit from $5,000 to $10,000. Department directors can now spend up to $10,000 without having to go out for bids on a particular purchase, as long as the funds are within their existing budget.
“Our maximum spending limit was $5,000, but it’s $10,000 now,” said Boyd. “We have a $10,000 cap right now, if we have the money.”
Morgan added, “If it’s in the budget, we shouldn’t have any problem doing it if it’s under $10,000. You can buy a nice, nice vehicle for under $10,000 off the state website. Does anyone know what’s left in the budget after we buy the ambulance?”
According to Denney, his department will have slightly over $11,000 remaining in his budget after the recent ambulance purchase.
The discussion was tabled until it’s determined exactly how much budget money is left.