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New carnival company makes record amount
Fair Makes $40,000 More-Rock It.jpg
This year the Crescent City Amusement carnival helped the Warren County A&L Fair make more money than usual by having rides run all nine days. Pictured is the popular “Rock It” ride. - photo by Bethany Porter
Regan Kelsey

The Warren County A&L Fair exceeded expectations and made roughly $40,000 more than the average amount this year. 

Fair Board President Regan Kelsey gave an update to the county Economic and Agricultural Development Committee during a meeting Tuesday night and said the fair was a huge success this year. This year the rides ran for nine days which contributed to the success. 

“We just finished our biggest fair that we have ever had,” said Kelsey. “To me that is kind of significant because we are two years removed from no fair at all. For the last couple years the fair started on Friday with pageants and a few other activities. The rides started on Friday this year so we were a full nine-day fair.”

This year the fair board went with Crescent City Amusement for the carnival and it seems to have paid off. Kelsey looked back at previous years and determined they far exceeded the average from the last 22 years. 

“I can tell you, as far as the carnival goes, we far exceeded our take,” said Kelsey. “I went through the records from the past 22 years and the average that we have made off the carnival is $67,000. That was Monday through Saturday and, like I said, we are a full nine days now and our take this year was $108,000.”

Despite the record intake, Kelsey is remaining practical and says this might not be the case every year. 

“I’m going to say that right there is probably the high end of what we will be able to do. Next year it may be $15,000 to 20,000 less if it rains four or five days. We absolutely cannot control that,” he said.

The fair has a contract with Crescent City Amusement and they will continue to provide rides all nine days in the future. Kelsey says this year some of the rides were broken and being worked on during the fair, so next time there will likely be four or five additional rides.