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New Animal Control location discussed
Animal Control building.jpg
Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center

The land behind the Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center may be a suitable location to build a brand new center. 

At the county Health and Welfare Committee meeting Tuesday night, County Commissioner Blaine Wilcher said they are looking into building on the land behind Animal Control. 

“A month ago we went and Stacey Harvey was down there at the Animal Control and Adoption Center looking with me and Terry at the land that we have there, which goes a lot further than probably a lot of us realize,” said Wilcher. “There are two things about this that are a plus. One, we don’t have to buy the land because it is ours. Second, we don’t lose our old building. Which I think we all know that we are always going to have a situation occasionally where we are going to have overflow and sick animals.”

“If we had a digital sign out there you could put the dogs you have to adopt on it and the people going up and down the bypass could be able to see it,” said County Executive Terry Bell. “The only bad part about it is you are not going to be able to cut that fence to get access from the state. I have talked to Don Alexander and he has tried to do it for some business up and down and he said don’t build anything thinking you will be able to pull in from the bypass because you will need to come in another way, but you would get the visibility from the bypass.” 

Wilcher said Harvey has agreed to donate the walls for the new building and will be helping through the building process.

“Stacey basically said he would donate, more or less, the walls to build this building and we would finish it out. Kind of like the deal we had two times before, but we couldn’t come through with it. As far as we know, money won’t be a big issue with finishing this,” said Wilcher.

They did not mention a potential cost of this building project. 

The committee will not be sure if this location is suitable until the trees are cleared out. Sanitation Department director Josh Roberts has agreed to help clear the land. The committee made a motion to begin clearing the site for the potential expansion.