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Mullican, 65, dies in crash
Fog, brake issues may have contributed
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Margaret Hobbs photo-The GMC Jimmy driven by Nora Rigsby Mullican suffered unsurvivable damage Friday morning when it was in a collision with an 18-wheeler on Sparta Highway.

A woman was killed Friday morning when she pulled into the path of a tractor trailer on Sparta Highway.
The woman, Nora Rigsby Mullican, 65, died at the scene. Accident investigators believe she was heading home when she pulled into the path of the unloaded tractor trailer driven by Nathaniel Ranbolt, 37, of Hampton.
“She didn’t have a chance,” said Highway Patrolman Josh Sparkman, noting that despite wearing her seatbelt, the force of impact on the passenger side of her GMC Jimmy by the 18-wheeler left little chance of survival.
Lawmen learned from witnesses that Mullican was trying to turn onto Old Rock Island Road from the four-lane and entered the path of the truck.
“We don’t believe he was speeding. Witnesses said she shot across the road,” said Sparkman, noting the trucker hit his brakes but was unable to stop in time.
The trooper noted there was fog lingering in the area and that could have had some impact on visibility. There was also some issues with the tractor trailer’s brakes.
“The trailer was taken out of service,” the trooper revealed. “A check found some defects in the brakes.”
The trucker was cited for log book violations and not having proof of insurance. Also, he and his passenger, Kelly Reed, 24, were both cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. Reed was asleep in the sleeper portion of the truck when the crash happened.