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Motorcycle falls apart during King's run from law
Charlie James King Sr..jpg
Charlie James King Sr.

A Warren County man has racked up his 20th charge for driving on a suspended or revoked license Monday while reportedly running from the law on a motorcycle that was falling apart during the chase.

The man, Charlie James King Sr., was arrested Monday afternoon after he allegedly attempted to evade law enforcement on an old 1978 motorcycle.

When questioned why King might opt to avoid officers, state trooper Sawyer Graham stated, “He was driving on revoked. He has 19 previous charges of driving on suspended or revoked. Monday made No. 20. That’s a massive amount.” 

Twenty will not net him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, but it did end in a trip to Ascension Saint Thomas River Park Hospital. 

“I believe the pursuit started on the bypass in the area of Smithville Highway,” said Graham. “A deputy got behind him because he was driving erratically. He turned right onto Shelbyville Road and headed outbound. Just east of Airport Lake Road in a curve, he side swiped a Dodge caravan.” 

THP worked the crash while Warren County Sheriff’s Department deputy Brystol Davis was involved in the chase.

According to comments made by Davis to 911 dispatchers, what could have been a high-speed chase was suppressed by an aging motorcycle. Davis reported speeds up to 30 mph, as well as seeing pieces coming loose from the motorcycle and the driver having difficulty with the throttle. 

The 2010 Dodge caravan that was traveling inbound contained Michelle Best, 55, driver, and two juvenile passengers. 

Ms. Best and King were both injured in the collision. 

“The handlebars of the motorcycle hit the driver’s side mirror and door,” said Graham. “He laid the motorcycle down and pretty much just gave up. He received injuries to his hand and was complaining about back pain. She had light abrasions on her left arm. She had the window down and her arm was on the door when he struck the vehicle.” 

King’s exact injuries are unknown. Once released from Ascension Saint Thomas River Park Hospital, he will be booked at Warren County Jail on charges of simple possession, DUI, evading arrest, driving on revoked license, running a red light, two counts of reckless endangerment, and manufacture, sale, possession of meth.