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Mosley makes history
Nichole Mosley.jpg
McMinnville Police Department has its first female police chief. Nichole Mosley has been selected. That announcement was made Tuesday night.

Nichole Mosley has made history, at least within McMinnville Police Department. She is its first female police chief. 

The announcement was made Tuesday night before members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Current Police Chief Bryan Denton is retiring at the end of the year.  

“I think we can all agree that we are going to be sad to see Chief Denton go,” said city administrator Nolan Ming. “He’s leaving us with some big shoes to fill. However, I have no doubt that his successor will be more than capable of doing just that. How do I know? Because our next police chief is none other than McMinnville’s very own Nichole Mosley.”

The declaration was met with approving applause.  

Mosley is a life-long resident of Warren County who has worked for McMinnville Police Department for over 25 years. Prior to this promotion, she held the position as head of the department’s investigation unit. 

“I am so honored to be offered the position of chief of police, as well as being the first female chief of McMinnville Police Department,” said Mosley. “I have worked hard to obtain a goal that I wasn’t sure I could ever reach. I am proud of our department and our community. I am excited beyond words. I will continue to work hard at maintaining a professional department and serving my community.”

She extended a “huge thank you” to Chief Denton for his support in achieving this goal. 

“One thing I’ve been very proud of in my time with the department is being able to empower women within the department,” said Denton. “To me, Nichole being named police chief caps that effort off. She has prepared for this for a long time. We had a succession plan in place and I think things have worked well with that. We’ve always taken a team approach to the position. With a core group staying together, I don’t think the department will miss a lick. I am ecstatic that Nichole has been offered and accepted the position.”

Mosley will work alongside Denton until his retirement Dec. 31. 

She will take sole reins at that time.