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Morrison Ruritan honors outstanding members
Ruritan recognition
Three familiar faces with Morrison Ruritan Club have been recognized for their service to the organization, as they stepped down from their official duties to allow younger members to take over as officers. Pictured, from left, are John Jacobs, Shirley Driver and Lavell Whitehead.

Morrison Ruritan Club has recognized three of its members for their longstanding service to the organization.
Club president Lavell Whitehead, treasurer Shirley Driver and secretary John Jacobs were presented plaques for their dedication. The three have resigned their official duties and new officers have been appointed.

“We are getting too old to keep going like we were, especially John and Shirley,” said Whitehead, laughing at the remark. “John and Shirley will love that joke. We’re all pretty old.”

Whitehead and Jacobs were founding members of the club. It began in 1967. Driver came along later. The three were recurring officers in the club.

“Shirley was the treasurer for years,” said Whitehead. “She never, never made a mistake. Those are going to be big shoes to fill. John was secretary for years. He’s also leaving big shoes to fill. I was president off and on over the years. Sometimes I was more on than off. There’s supposed to be a new president appointed every year. When no one wanted it, I’d stay on as president. Shirley and John had the difficult jobs. Being president is easy. I had the pie job in comparison.”

The group isn’t leaving the organization.

“If you hear a rumor that we’re leaving Morrison Ruritan, it’s not true,” said Whitehead. “We’re still going to be as active as we can be and for as long as we can be. We did feel like it was time to step down and allow younger folks to take over. We love Morrison Ruritan. This club has done a lot of good in the community over the years and we want that to continue. The only way to do that is to step aside and allow younger folks to take over.”

Newly appointed officers are Wes Williams, president; Moe Gallagher, vice president; Darlene Bryant, secretary; Tanarra Grissom, treasurer; Sue Anderson, three-year director.