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Morrison Post Office gets reprieve
Lease extension stalls move to Manchester
Morrison Post Office Almost Relocated.jpg
Morrison Post Office was told to relocate to Manchester this weekend before a lease agreement was reached which ensured its survival through at least January. - photo by Bethany Porter

The Morrison Post Office almost had to relocate to Manchester this weekend due to a lease issue, but an agreement was reached allowing it to remain operational until at least January. 

This week, Morrison Mayor Sue Anderson says she was told the Morrison Post Office had to be relocated to Manchester. This news was upsetting to Anderson because it was such short notice.

“I was just told it was going to Manchester and that it had to be out by this weekend,” said Anderson on Wednesday. 

This past May, the Morrison Post Office was scheduled to close, but a contract was signed allowing it to remain open. Anderson said she called state representatives for weeks trying to keep the location open last time. She reached out to them again this time.   

“I stayed on the phone all day yesterday. I called Governor Lee, Janice Bowling, DeJarlais, Hargett, I was just on the phone all day yesterday,” said Anderson. The persistent calls led to the extension. 

“Right now I am at liberty to say it will stay until at least January,” said Anderson. 

The Southern Standard reached out to United States Postal Service media representative Becky Hernandez regarding the relocation and she said, “As an integral part of the communities we serve, the U.S. Postal Service strives every day to provide excellent service to our valued customers. In the case of the Morrison Post Office, we can confirm this leased facility will remain under normal operations at its present location at this time.  We anticipate operations to continue at least through January 2023, as the Postal Service works closely with the property owner on a solution.”

Anderson says this leasing issue does not have anything to do with the town of Morrison. She said it is between the federal government, the post office and the people who own the building. 

The Morrison Post Office will remain operational until at least January 2023. Officials are looking into working the situation out.