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Martha Saylor sentenced for gun damage
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A woman has been ordered to make over $10,000 restitution and warned not to shoot any more guns on her property after target shooters blasted out her neighbor’s window earlier this summer.
The woman, Martha Ann Saylor, 49, was giving an 11-month, 29-day probationary sentence by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke after she entered a plea to the charge of reckless endangerment. As provisions of the plea, she agreed to make restitution of $10,300 to the victim and agreed no firearms would be shot on her property.
Saylor maintained she was not among those shooting from her property the day her neighbor filed the complaint. Investigators agreed but still noted she was accountable for actions that happened on her property.
“The investigation concluded that she did not, herself, discharge the firearms but allowed those on her property to do so in a reckless manner,” said sheriff’s investigator Travis Thaxton.
Deputies were summoned by Saylor’s neighbor on Hyatt Lane after damage was done to the neighbor’s property.
“He said he could hear bullets going through the trees at his residence,” Thaxton said. “He stated that a bullet had gone through the rear window of his Dodge Ram truck, exiting out the front windshield.”
When lawmen talked to Saylor, she admitted she had let “five or six” people target practice at her house.
“She allowed them to come to her home with firearms and shoot at a jug,” Thaxton said, noting Saylor refused to reveal the names of the shooters.