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Man won't identify who stabbed him
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A man was stabbed Sunday afternoon when he opened the door and was attacked by a man he claimed he did not know.
The victim, William Murphy, sustained a pair of three-inch lacerations to his forearm and leg. He was treated at Saint Thomas River Park Hospital. His assailant remains at large, a case Sheriff Jackie Matheny says may remain unsolved.
“He wasn’t cooperative,” Matheny said of the victim, who did not give investigators much information about who stabbed him. His girlfriend also didn’t cooperate with officers, Matheny said, despite Murphy telling lawmen his assailant left the scene in her vehicle.
The sheriff said issues began with a domestic dispute between Murphy and his girlfriend just before 2 p.m. Sunday in the Smartt Station area.
“He left and went to his sister’s residence,” said Matheny, adding a few minutes later there was a knock on the door at his sister’s house. “When he opened the door, a man was there and started to attack him with a knife.”
While not getting help from Murphy or his girlfriend, Matheny said they are still going to try to find out who did the stabbing.