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Man stabbed in neck investigating burglar

A man was stabbed in the neck when he went to his door to investigate sounds of a break-in only to find the would-be burglar standing outside.
The victim, Eddie Jones, suffered a wound to his neck and is recovering from his injury. His alleged assailant, Jacob Hill, 26, has been charged with aggravated assault and is being held under $100,000 bond at Warren County Jail. He could face six years in prison if convicted.
According to McMinnville police detective Tony Jenkins, the incident happened at High Garden Apartments on North High Street a few blocks from downtown.
“Mr. Jones heard someone trying to break into his apartment,” Jenkins said of what prompted the victim to go to his door. “He went to the door and when he opened the door, Jacob Hill stabbed him in the neck.”
It was not revealed why Hill was trying to break into Jones’ home. Hill is listed as homeless on his jail intake form.
Hill has been bound to the grand jury on the felony assault count.