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Man says 'You will have to shoot me'
Chad Layne Rogers is charged with assault and vandalism.
Charges have been leveled against a man deputies found standing in the middle of the road brandishing a tire iron which he tried to use on them when they tried to arrest him.The suspect, Chad Layne Rogers, 49, is charged with assault and vandalism for the incident that occurred on Old Beersheba Road and led to deputies having to tase him in order to take him into custody.According to sheriff’s deputy Tyler Glenn, calls began to flood in about a suspicious person who was wandering the roads in the area with no shirt.“I came upon him blocking traffic using the tire iron,” said Glenn, noting he turned on his blue lights and began to climb out of the car. “He then threw the tire iron at me.”Glenn said he jumped behind his door and used it as a shield as the potentially lethal weapon went whizzing past. Rogers acted aggressively as the deputy emerged and walked toward him.“He was jumping up and down in an out-of-control manner,” said Glenn, noting the suspect would not obey commands.