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Maddux announces campaign for Congress
Jack Maddux is seeking the Republican Party nomination.

Family, friends and supporters joined Jack Maddux as he officially kicked off his campaign for Congress.
Maddux is seeking the Republican Party nomination in Tennessee’s 4th District, a seat currently held by Scott DesJarlais.
Maddux is a longtime resident of Tennessee and currently resides in Cleveland. He graduated summa cum laude from Bryan College in Dayton with an emphasis on business. He served in the United States Navy and later as a police officer with the cities of Chattanooga and Cleveland.
He currently serves as a business manager with an engineering services company that maintains clients such as ExxonMobil and Georgia Pacific.
During his career in law enforcement, Jack received several commendations. He was Rookie of the Year for his hard work and dedication toward combating drugs in Chattanooga communities. He was recognized by local organizations for his law enforcement skills and his ability to be a leader in the communities he patrolled.
He is a Christian and strong constitutional conservative who remains active in local community projects and his local church. Mr. Maddux participates in local advisory boards, mentoring young students through his role with Cleveland High School.
“I am running for Congress because of the current situation in America,” said Maddux. “I am not a politician, nor am I a billionaire. I am a Tennessean. My family and I, like so many here in Tennessee, have truly felt the impact of what has taken place in Washington. The rising cost of healthcare, jobs being lost, our local education system being held hostage by D.C. bureaucrats and a broken immigration system that compromises our safety.
Tennesseans have fallen victim to Congress’ inability to function. President Trump campaigned with bold ideas that require a Congress that can get the job done. We can no longer afford to continue to play politics, not while there are real people, real families bearing the full weight of our country’s problems. My experiences, not only in my career but as a father and husband, better prepare me to be a true representative of the people here in Tennessee.”
Over the next year, Maddux will be touring the 4th Congressional District of Tennessee.
“My goal is to meet as many people as I can. I hope people will share their concerns, the problems that burden them, and their stories. Whatever the case, I want the people to know they can trust me to put people first.”
His website is