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Kids Camp makes big splash at rec center
Kids Camp 2.jpg
Bethany Porter photo Pictured, from left, Liam “Vinny” Jacobs, Reagan Shadrick, and Linley Kunz are excited for their pool day.
Kids Camp 1.jpg
Camp counselor Savannah Cox and head counselor Kelsey Bandy are loading up the wagon and preparing for their pool day with the kids on Tuesday.

By Bethany Porter

Kids Camp at Milner Recreation Center has been a big hit for both the children and the staff working it.

“It has been good, sometimes crazy, but good,” said Kids Camp counselor Alyssa Stanley.

The kids get to enjoy many different activities including going to Gilley Pool and the Jungle Gym.

“We do arts and crafts every day and we do a new sport each week,” said head counselor Kelsey Bandy.

One of the group’s favorite activities is Pound Class, which is a musical workout class where the kids use drumsticks to make music and get in a bit of a workout. According to Bandy, they do this class twice a week and it works on their music and movement skills.

Along with trips to the pool and the playground, the kids get to create arts and crafts. So far they have created cardboard boats they plan to race in the pool, dreamcatchers, and airplanes. The homemade boat race will take place later this week and is sure to be a fun activity for the kids and counselors.

The counselors have enjoyed a great experience and are not looking forward to the camp coming to an end soon.  

“It’s almost over and I’m really sad, honestly. The kids are our little babies now,” said camp counselor Savannah Cox

This camp has also been a great way for future educators to get experience teaching children. 

“I like doing it. It’s fun to get to know the kids. I want to be a teacher anyways, so just having kids around all the time, I like it,” said Stanley. 

The camp started June 14 and is coming to an end July 30.