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Kidnapping, assault send Goff to prison
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A man who forced his girlfriend into his pickup against her will, hit her mother, and then rammed sheriff’s vehicles when they tried to stop him was given six years in the state penitentiary.

Robert Anthony Goff, 38, was sentenced Wednesday by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley for aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, evading arrest in a motor vehicle, and vandalism up to $1,000.

The sentence comes after Goff assaulted his girlfriend for several hours at his home on R. Arnold Road near the DeKalb County line before abducting her.

“He forced her against her will to get into his truck,” said sheriff’s deputy Jared Jacobs who responded to the distress call from the victim’s mother. “Her mother stepped in to assist and was kicked, pushed and hit by Goff.”

Goff left the scene in his pickup and was followed by the victim’s mother. The suspect rammed her car near Jewel’s Market. Officers caught up to him on Bybee Chapel Road.

“The vehicle accelerated in reverse trying to escape,” Jacobs reported. “The patrol vehicles along with the suspect vehicle made contact.”
Goff’s run after ramming the sheriff’s vehicles was short-lived as he ran off the road and into a fence.

“He attempted to leave the vehicle but was hung up in the fence and could not escape,” the deputy said, noting the fight was not over as he resisted arrest and had to be forcibly handcuffed.

It was later lawmen learned Goff had allegedly pulled a knife on his girlfriend and had threatened to kill her.

“During the entire incident, she was an unwilling passenger who could not escape for fear of death or bodily injury,” Jacobs said.