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Jury finds Crim not guilty of aggravated assault
Terrence Crim testifies from the witness stand Friday afternoon. The jury acquitted him of three assault charges while convicting him of a misdemeanor, reckless endangerment. - photo by Lacy Garrison

A man whose girlfriend suffered injuries so severe she had to be treated in a hospital trauma unit was found not guilty of aggravated assault by a jury on Friday.

Instead, Terrence William Crim, 33, was convicted of a misdemeanor, reckless endangerment, following the one-day trial.

After listening to testimony, examining the victim’s medical records, and listening to the 911 call from that night, the jury acquitted Crim of three assault charges.

The victim took the stand to share her account of the incident, claiming Crim kicked, pushed and hit her – allegedly smacking her across the jaw and forehead with a gun in her ownership. She identified and described photographs of her injuries including facial, neck and back bruising, a black eye and scrapes and bruising to her legs.

“That is a chest tube because my lung was collapsed,” said the victim. “I had it in for three days to pull the blood out.”

According to the victim, Crim’s behavior was unprovoked. She testified that Crim prevented her from leaving her home before she was able to contact her sister the next morning.

Crim’s testimony varied. He said the couple had argued throughout the day about their relationship. While watching a movie, he said the two began drinking heavily. 

Crim blamed alcohol for their altercation, saying they began pushing each other and it escalated from there. However, he denied choking, kicking or having a gun at any point.

“It never got to that extent, not into the wall, not pushing her into any object at all,” said Crim from the stand. “We did slip and fall on some wine we had spilt on the coffee table and we both went down. I never even touched a gun.”

Crim also claimed they both went to bed. He further denied ever taking away the victim’s cellphone or preventing her from leaving. 

Sentencing for the misdemeanor is set for Wednesday.