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Judicial Commissioners seek $2 an hour raise
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Warren County Judicial Commissioners could be under consideration for a salary increase after their supervisor attempted to resign.
Jim Hartman submitted a resignation letter to step down as supervisor, but remain as a judicial commissioner. His letter was considered by the county Policy and Personnel Committee.
“He wants to be an on-call commissioner and remain on the day shift,” said Commissioner Tommy Savage.
As supervisor, Hartman works a 40-hour shift Monday thru Friday. Unlike the other commissioners who are on-call, meaning they visit the jail when summoned and leave after their responsibilities are complete, Hartman stays at the jail during his shift and oversees the other commissioners, signs the timecards and addresses any issues that arise.
“I’ve been doing this for three and a half years,” said Hartman.
Hartman became supervisor when County Commissioners instituted shifts in an effort to reduce confusion. That change was made around the same time commissioners upped the salary of all judicial commissioners by $2 in order to stem their turnover rate. Hartman was given an additional $2 for his added responsibilities, bring his salary up from $8.72 an hour to $12.72 an hour.
The salary, said Hartman, isn’t enough.
“To be quite honest with you, I don’t think the salary range is adequate for what we are doing here,” said Hartman.
Hartman suggested another $2 per hour increase for all judicial commissioners.
In order to give the committee members additional time to consider the matter, discussion was tabled until Thursday, June 8, at 5 p.m.