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Investigator hurt chasing wanted man
Pictured is the SUV wrecked by investigator Jody Cavanaugh.

A sheriff’s investigator was injured Wednesday when he crashed as he was trying to stop a wanted fugitive on Short Mountain Road.
The investigator, Jody Cavanaugh, suffered back injuries when his sheriff’s department SUV struck an embankment at the intersection of Short Mountain Road and Robert Smith Road around 5 p.m.
“He and another investigator were trying to stop a man who had warrants on him,” explained Highway Patrolman Kyle Herren who worked the wreck. “The Toyota Avalon they were chasing made a fast turn onto Robert Smith Road and when investigator Cavanaugh made an attempt to follow behind him, he hit a patch of loose gravel and hit an embankment.”
The 2010 Expedition hit the embankment head on and ramped up to the top of the hill where it came to rest. Cavanaugh was taken to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital, complaining of severe back pain. The fugitive was able to get away, at least momentarily.
The driver, Terry Bryan McCormick, was arrested later in the evening, still in the same car lawmen were chasing.
“They knew who he was and where he’d likely be,” revealed chief deputy Tommy Myers, noting deputies were able to arrest McCormick at that point.
McCormick now faces a list of charges for the chase and injury to the officer, including counts of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, evading arrest and driving on a revoked license.