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Inmate spending more time in jail for hitting officer with food tray
Kensley Omar Fisk entered a guilty plea to the charge of simple assault.

An inmate who struck a guard with his breakfast tray will get to stay an additional month at Warren County Jail.
The inmate, Kensley Omar Fisk, 30, entered a guilty plea to the charge of simple assault and was ordered to serve 30 days. The charge was reduced from felony assault.
The incident in question happened while inmates in D-Pod at the local jail were being served breakfast.
“Kinsley Fisk stepped out of his cell to get his breakfast tray,” recalled corrections officer Christian Lopez of what began the confrontation. “He began threatening me, stating he was going to slap me with his breakfast tray.”
The jailer said Fisk was directed to return to his cell but he did not obey. Instead, he continued hurling threats toward Lopez and then cocked back his tray in a threatening manner. Another jailer intervened and the confrontation became physical.
“Mr. Fisk was taken to the ground,” Lopez said, noting that during the skirmish Fisk made good on his threat, hitting him on the back with his breakfast tray.
While Lopez was not injured, corrections officer Kendall Parker who had intervened had to get two stitches in his elbow as result of the incident.
Fisk was being held awaiting trial on aggravated assault charges for allegedly pointing a gun at his aunt late last year. He is a convicted felon for a drug conviction in 2005, meaning he was not to be in possession of a firearm.
The 30 days Fisk was given will be served along with a three-year sentence he received for resisting lawmen on another occasion where he refused to get out of a car that had been stopped by police.