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Haley leaving, Fisher scaling back
wcs retirements.jpg
Pictured, from left, are Katrina Haley, Franklin Fisher and Director of Schools Grant Swallows. Haley and Fisher were celebrated at a cookout for retiring, although Haley is continuing work elsewhere, and Fisher will continue as Warren Academy director, only part time. - photo by Taylor Moore

The Warren County Schools Central Office held a retirement luncheon for two almost retirees. Katrina Haley and Franklin Fisher were both recognized, Haley for her departure to a new position outside the schools, and Fisher for retiring from his full-time position as director of Warren Academy.

Though Fisher is technically retiring, his face will still be around as he will continue being director, just part-time. Previously, he was on a 240-day contract, but he has now signed a 120-day contract. 

Fisher said, “I’ve been thinking about retirement and my social security.” Then he was informed of the option of working part-time and learned he could make as much doing that while also being retired.

Fisher has been a part of the Warren County School System since 1986. He began teaching science and world history. He continued teaching history until he joined WCHS as the freshman academy principal in 2011. After two years, he applied for the position at Warren Academy where he has been since.

Director of Schools Grant Swallows said, “The school’s function hasn’t changed.” 

Instructional coordinator Rhonda Cantrell will act as Fisher’s back up when he isn’t there, which is in her current job description anyway. The contract requires Fisher can only work half a year however he chooses to split that up whether he works half days or only works one semester.

When asked what to do with this free time, he said, “I’ve got a lot of yard work to do.” 

He said he would work on that, do some golfing and attend more juvenile court sessions. “We go to check for progress of current or past students,” he said, despite the legal status of students or alumni not being the school’s obligation.

Despite Fisher’s retirement, his work with WCS is not over, and Haley’s work in technology will also continue. The Central Office staff celebrated both of their work in the community and gifted Haley with a book of thanks from each staff member.