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Hale indicted for vandalizing home
Prosecutors say he damaged house of man who stabbed him
Mike Hale is shown on the witness stand testifying about the day he was stabbed outside the VFW.

A year after one businessman stabbed another in front of the VFW, the saga refuses to die as the stabbing victim now finds himself in trouble with the law.
Mike Hale, 53, has been charged with felony vandalism for allegedly damaging the house belonging to his stabber, Jack Redmon, while Redmon was in jail for the attack.
“He (Hale) did knowingly damage an air conditioning unit and vinyl siding and dry wall of a house,” reads the indictment served Friday morning on Hale.
The damage is believed to be over $10,000, making it a felony offense. Hale was booked and released on bond Friday morning.
According to the indictment, the incident happened Nov. 19. It is alleged Hale ran a steel rod through the house, causing structural damage. The incident happened while Redmon was in jail.
Redmon entered a guilty plea last month for stabbing Hale in front of the VFW last August. He was given a three-year sentence but released on 182 days time-served. He is free on probation and back operating his auto repair business.
Hale’s wife, Brooke Hale, estranged at the time of the stabbing, also entered a guilty plea for helping Redmon and was given a two-year sentence but released on 40 days time served. Mr. and Mrs. Hale reportedly plan to reconcile.
Given the high-profile nature of the stabbing, which was prosecuted by District Attorney Lisa Zavogiannis, the local prosecutor’s office has stepped down from this case. A special prosecutor, District Attorney Craig Northcott of Coffee County, is now in charge of seeking a conviction against Mr. Hale.