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Habitual drunk punches deputy
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A drunk man has been charged with assault after he slugged a deputy in the nose as he was being put in a jail cell.
The man, Barry Barton, 51, has been arrested 12 times for public intoxication in the past two years and had just been released from jail two weeks prior for being drunk in public. Lawmen were called to Scottish Inns where Barton was reportedly screaming and swearing at his neighbors. When police arrived they smelled a strong odor of alcohol and tried to place him under arrest.
“He began to resist arrest and wouldn’t let them handcuff him,” the warrant against Barton reads, noting he continued to put up a fight. “He continued resisting officers all the way to jail.”
The excitement continued as corrections officers tried to put him in a jail cell.
“Once in the cell, he sat on the floor as the deputy was trying to close the cell door,” the warrant continues. “Barton jumped up and tried to push his way out of the cell. Deputy Evan Cooper pushed him back in the cell, at which time Barton hit the deputy with his closed fist, causing his nose to bleed.”
Barton was then subdued after slugging the officer, but not before he was able to scratch the officer in the eye.