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Graduation packs a punch
Glad grad
D.J. Braston walks the stage and receives his high school diploma Friday night at Nunley Stadium.
For a group of teens about to snatch their diplomas and run headfirst into an unforgiving world, WCHS salutatorian Samantha Bratcher issued some gentle words of advice.“Most of us still don’t know how to do the laundry,” said Bratcher.They may not know delicate or spin, but 435 WCHS seniors know how it feels to graduate after walking the stage Friday night at Nunley Stadium.“You can’t climb the ladder to success with your hands in your pocket,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox moments before handing out diplomas. “Take every opportunity you can to make the most of your life.”Cox told the soon-to-be graduates he was sitting in their place 30 years ago to the day. He told them not to run away from their fears because that will prevent them from achieving their full potential.Student body president C.J. Hale and senior class president Makayla Stubblefield reminded students how the world has changed in their 18 short years.“Bill Clinton was president when we were born,” said Hale.