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Good for the goose
Bird freed from fishing line
Kristy Adams and husband Ben Adams, right, hold a goose at Riverfront Park while Jason Dodson frees its legs from fishing line. The rescue took place Wednesday afternoon.
A wildlife rescue took place at Riverfront Park on Wednesday to render assistance to a Canadian goose that found itself entwined in fishing line. “When we got to the park, it was lying on the ground,” said Kristy Adams, who arrived at approximately 1:30 p.m. “You could tell it had a hook in one of its feet. There was a lure and the fishing line had encircled both its legs.”Her husband Ben added, “I think it was tired.”Several reports came into Emergency-911 and the Southern Standard about the bird.The couple, with assistance by fellow park visitor Jamie Harper, kept watch over the goose waiting for someone from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency to arrive.