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Girl says she was molested daily
Juan Manuel Arevalo is charged with sexual battery by an authority figure.
A man has been arrested on sexual battery charges after it was claimed he molested a young teen girl virtually every day for the past two years.The suspect, Juan Manuel Arevalo, 42, is charged with sexual battery by an authority figure. The charge is a Class C felony which carries three to six years in prison.Arevalo was charged after the victim, described as an early teen, reported she had been subjected to unwanted touching and sexual advances by the man for an extended period before she came forward.Sheriff’s investigator Travis Thaxton revealed that during an interview with the girl she told him the sexual advances were unrelenting.“She said he would come into her room and touch her,” Thaxton said in his felony warrant against Arevalo. “She said the touching was conducted every day and has continued every day for the past two years.”The girl told authorities the touching and sexual assaults escalated until the man tried to take the next step.“He offered her $200 to have sex with him,” Thaxton revealed, noting the girl rejected the offer.Arevalo was charged after the girl came forward and was interviewed.