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Franklin indicted after different story told
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Two versions of the same event sounded a lot different but ended with grand jurors believing the woman’s version, indicting her boyfriend for domestic assault.
The suspect, Marco Franklin, 29, was indicted on charges of domestic assault and vandalism.
His indictment comes after police were told varying versions of what happened at 1:46 a.m. at their Sparrow Hawk Court resident.
According to the suspect, he had gotten into a fuss with his girlfriend and was planning to leave. As he was loading the items, he said the door closed behind him.
“He said he opened the door gently and accidently knocked over the victim’s daughter,” said McMinnville policeman Andy Aguilar who took the report on the incident.
However, the victim said Franklin had his story all wrong and he did not want to leave the residence and was much more belligerent than he admitted.
“She stated he pushed her up against the wall and around the house and punched the door off the hinges,” the officer reported, noting she said her boyfriend did not gently open the door as he claimed. “She stated he broke down the door to the house and knocked over her daughter.”
Aguilar conducted a visual inspection of the house and discovered the exterior door had been knocked open and the interior hallway door had been knocked off its hinges.
“There was also a hole that looked to be indicative of being punched on the interior hallway door,” said Aguilar, noting the evidence tended to agree with the victim’s version of events.