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Former Arby's employee charged with stealing $10K
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A former Arby’s employee has been indicted for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the company.
The woman, Blakney Nicole Taylor, has been indicted on the charge of theft over $10,000 and will face hearing before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley later this year.
Taylor was hit with the felony theft charge after management at the local Arby’s on New Smithville Highway had an audit done after it was noticed there was a discrepancy in the money being taken in by the store. According to McMinnville police detective Marty Cantrell, the audit found there was a spike in overrides and refunds from the cash registers.
“They would peak when she was working,” said Cantrell, noting Taylor had access to the cash registers when there were shortages.
Police tracked the shortages beginning in May until she was confronted in August about the missing money. Investigators feel her access to the cash registers and her ability to override and refund was how she spirited cash away from the restaurant without being caught.
Police did not reveal the exact amount they think Taylor took as part of her alleged embezzlement.