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EMS director asks for pay raise
Says he made more as department employee
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It doesn’t pay to be EMS interim director.
Preston Denney is asking the county to consider an increase in his salary because he’s making less now than he did as a department employee.
“I’m asking for an increase in the director salary,” said Denney. “Providing that I keep this job whenever you go through the process, it just gets the salary up to pretty much what mine was.”
Denney took the reins of the department in January. At that time, his salary went to $53,748. However, including overtime, he was making approximately $60,000 as an EMT.
Denney presented the department’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2016-17 on Monday to Safety Committee members Commissioners Teddy Boyd, Carl D. Bouldin, Randy England, Ron Lee and Charles Morgan. He included a request for a salary increase of $7,000 to bring the director’s pay up to $60,748 and expressed an interest in retaining the position permanently.
“The only way I can keep this position, when you guys go through the process, is if the salary goes up,” said Denney. “I make $200 less every paycheck than what I was making and I can’t keep doing it.”
“That’s just ridiculous,” said Morgan in regard the Denney taking a salary cut to be interim director.
Bouldin added, “I don’t blame you.”
“The improvements you’ve had in 120 days is impressive,” said England.
Denney refused to take credit for all the changes.
“I can’t take all the credit,” said Denney. “Staff has helped me.”
The proposed budget passed unanimously and will be sent to the county Budget and Finance Committee for its consideration with an encouragement that the director’s salary increase remain unchanged.