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Duplexes coming to Yager Road?
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New duplexes are under consideration for Yager Road, if a rezoning request is approved by McMinnville officials. 

“We purchased this property back in February 2019,” said Phillip Smith, who is a partner in a general partnership. “It’s an acre and a half on the city’s side of Yager Road. We would like to divide it into two or maybe three lots and use it for residential construction.”

Smith requested McMinnville Regional Planning Commission members recommend approval to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for a rezoning change to the property from residential-1 to residential-2. R-1 is single family only. R-2 allows multi-family dwellings. 

“There have not been a lot of duplexes built in the city of McMinnville over the last five or so years,” said Smith. “In the last 25 years, there have been about 100 built. We see the need in McMinnville for upscale rental property. I have had a couple rental properties. I’ll stick a sign in the yard and get 20 calls in the first week or two. People need places to rent that are affordable.”

The property is located just past Pike Hill Road and before Meadowbrook Drive. 

Traveling outbound, it is on the left side of the roadway.

“If you try to divide this into three lots, it would cut your road frontage down tremendously,” said Planning Commission member Jerry Williamson, expressing hesitancy for three duplexes. “There is good depth on the lot.” 

Commission member Jim Brock reminded members that a zoning change is all that can be considered at this point in the process. 

“A subdivision would have to come back to us for approval,” said Brock. 

Williamson asked if the area has access to sewer.

“Yes,” said Smith. “I’ve talked to the Water and Sewer Department and the infrastructure is there. We just have to purchase the water taps and everything.”

McMinnville Regional Planning Commission members unanimously approved the rezoning change. Their recommendation will be sent to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for consideration.