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Drive-thru estimate over budget
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The cost to install a drive-thru at Warren County Administrative Offices will be more than the $45,000 budgeted for the project.

During December’s meeting of the county Building and Grounds Committee, a $65,000 cost estimate was presented for placement of a tube system drive-thru for the Trustee’s Office. Commissioners expressed

optimism that Warren County Highway Department Superintendent Levie Glenn could provide excavation, gravel, asphalt, and curbing as a cost-saving measure.

Those hopes were dashed this month. “Mr. Glenn will allow us to piggyback on any bid they have on crushed rock or paving that they have, but they aren’t going to be able to do any work onsite. That work will have to be part of the bid process,” said County Executive Jimmy Haley, to members of the committee.

Commissioner Robert Hennessee questioned why and Haley added, “Mr. Glenn said he cannot perform work in an area that’s not on a county right of way.”

“So where do we go from

here, as far as seeking bids?” asked Hennessee.

Bid specifications for the scope of work to be completed will be generated, said Haley, and a competitive bidding process started.

Once bids are received, the actual cost of the project will be known.