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Dog recovering after having eye shot out
Shooter still being sought
Shot Dog Update.jpg
Emma, the Pit bull who was shot in the eye at close range with a shotgun, is currently recovering at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center. - photo by Bethany Porter

The person who shot a Pit bull at close range last month has still not been found, but the dog is recovering. 

The Pit bull, who the shelter named Emma, is currently at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center following treatment at the vet. The owners of the dog gave her over to Animal Control after the shooting and she will remain there until a suitable home can be found. 

Emma was shot in eye at close range with a shotgun near Pike Hill Rd. around Sept. 24. 

“She came back today,” Animal Control Director Sherri Bradley. “There is no permanent injuries except for her eye. It missed everything. She is meant to be here for some reason.”

The shooter is still being sought. Anyone with information can contact Animal Control at (931) 507-3647 or contact the Sheriff’s Department.