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Dog owner indicted over horse death
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A dog owner has been indicted for the actions of his animals after they allegedly killed a neighbor’s horse and attacked another.
In the indictment, the alleged owner of the dogs, Ronald August Payne, 69, has been indicted on the misdemeanor charge of allowing dogs to roam at large. Since it is alleged the victim lost property, namely a 4-year-old mare to the pack of dogs, it is a Class B misdemeanor which normally brings a fine and in some cases probation.
The indictment came after the victim said he returned home to his West Green Hill Road farm to discover five dogs, allegedly belonging to Payne, on his property.
“The dogs had killed a 4-year-old mare having a value of $2,500 and one of the dogs was standing over the deceased mare and the other four dogs were in the process of attacking a 22-year-old gelding,” the warrant sworn by the horse owner reads.
The gelding had run to the corner of the property in an attempt to escape the attack.
The victim in the case, in addition to filing criminal charges against his neighbor, noted he is also out $250 for burying his dead horse and that he missed a day of work.
Payne waived arraignment and is due to appear before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley on Oct. 11.