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DesJarlais, Sherrell retain seats
Paul Sherrell
State Rep. Paul Sherrell

Scott DeJarlais will begin his seventh term as U.S. State Representative after winning the election Tuesday. 

Republican DeJarlais held off his democratic challenger Wayne Steele to retain his seat representing the 4th Congressional District. According to the Tennessee Secretary of State electin website, DeJarlais received 77,960 votes in the state and 6,099 in Warren County. Steele received 18,027 in the state and 1,805 in Warren County. Five other hopefuls Independents were up against DeJarlais this election. In Warren County, Clyde Benson received 82 votes, Tharon Chandler received 16 votes, David Leighton Jones received 34 votes, Joseph “Krishnadas” Magyer received 37 votes, and Mike Winton finished with 331 votes.

Also returning to his position is State Representative of the 43rd District Paul Sherrell. Sherell will begin his fourth term after defeating his democratic opponent Cheryl Uselton. 

Sherrell received a total of 11,851 votes in the state and 6,443 votes in Warren County to claim the seat. 

He received 5,408 from White County. Uselton received 3,401 votes total with 2,109 being from Warren County and 1,292 from White County.