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Covenant Academy Honor Rolls
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Covenant Academy’s honor rolls are being released by headmaster Alan Smith. First GradeFirst honor roll – Parker Jones, Lacey Hill, Hunter Johnson, Boone Gannon, Sophie Smith, Isaac McVey, Scarlett Gibbs, Jarrett Ross and Addison StewartSecond honor roll – Riley Turner, Grayson Potter, Ethan Benkarski, Benjamin Spanger and Sara Greer Second Grade First honor roll – Kayden Gipson, Leah Mara and Dean WingateSecond honor roll – Elliott Moeller, Montana Rogers, Tristan Rudolph, Keristyn Seagraves and Isaac Smith Third GradeFirst honor roll – Dean Cooper, Abigail Netherton, Alyssa Parsley, Abigail Rogers and Rayleigh TateSecond honor roll – Hayden Fults, Noah Greer, Blake Jones, Noah Kell and Asa Tupper Fourth GradeFirst honor roll – Abigail Brown, Anslee McCrary, Hayden Woods and Walt WratherSecond honor roll – Emma Coppinger and Matt Breedlove Fifth Grade First honor roll – Susanna Netherton, Nicholas O’Hara, Emma Sharpe and Ava Claire WratherSecond honor roll – Bailey Cooper, James Hines, EmiLee Lassiter, Addi Lonas, Lilly Petty, Allister Rudolph, Addison smith and Elsa Smith Sixth Grade First honor roll – Mit Patel and Hailey SearsSecond honor roll – Luke Campbell, Ila Adcock, Alondra Lassiter, Zach Moeller, Rhett Rigsby, Jaelin Stovall and Isaiah Wilson Seventh Grade First honor roll – Caleb Hines, Marissa O’Hara and Vansh PatelSecond honor roll – Lanya Byars, Maddie Gibbs, Kaylen Jacobs, MacKenzie Mills, Lydia Netherton, Collin Panter and Cassie Sharpe Eighth GradeFirst honor roll – Alex BrownSecond honor roll – Molly Davis, Anabel Lassiter, Smit Patel and Leslie Vinson Ninth Grade First honor roll – Ashlyn Brownyard, Ethan Hillis, Terry Hines, Gunnar Mullins, David Netherton, Sarah Sharpe, Emma Kate Wrather and Brandy PenningtonSecond honor roll – Newby Anderson and Madisen Madewell Tenth Grade First honor roll – Arianna HutchinsSecond honor roll – Erica Clay, Tyler Hillis, Lilyanne Kell, Katie-Marissa Pack, Neal Patel, Reonna Pennington and Jackson Smith Eleventh Grade First honor roll – Dalton Burks, Emma Grace Madewell, Anuja Patel and Naina Patel Second honor roll – Sam Griffin, Danielle Petty and Alex Stovall Twelfth GradeFirst honor roll – Chloe Hillis, Nicolette Newby, Katherine Shelton and Kaylee SmithSecond honor roll – Crosley Smith