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County featured on streaming show
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Photo provided Atticus Sumner dances on the River Front Park dam in his new show “Rhythm with Views.”

Warren County is featured in a new show called “Rhythm with Views” that combines Atticus Sumner’s love of dance and real estate.

Sumner is a real estate developer who is also a world class percussion dancer. He is originally from Michigan and his love of dance began by accident. His parents visited the south and saw clogging for the first time and fell in love with it. 

“My mother began taking lessons and would try steps around the house practicing. She noticed that I was able to repeat her moves by just watching, but it wasn’t something I saw myself doing and didn’t really have an interest in. I wanted to fit in and do track with my friends but she saw my natural potential and insisted that I had to learn the basic moves of dancing if I wanted to take track. So I conceded and learned the moves,” said Sumner. 

His parents took him to a workshop at the National Convention and he soon learned there was a whole other world of potential in dancing. Sumner’s father encouraged him to enter a local talent contest at the county fair where he ended up winning first place and went down the path of dance.

The idea of the show, “Rhythm with Views,” was born when director Jeff Thomas saw one of his performances. 

“I had been booked to perform at a small event in the little town where I was born. It just so happened the director, Jeff Thomas, from a film that had used scenes from the area, had to come back that day to capture some missed shots and saw my performance. I was asked to meet a week later which ultimately led to this opportunity,” said Sumner.

Warren County became a centerpiece for the show when Sumner started looking for available houses. 

“When we looked to Tennessee we discovered the shortage in real estate was an issue. So the first available house that came up happened to be in Warren County and the rest is history. Once we got here and realized how welcoming and friendly all of our neighbors and community members are and the church family we found, there was no turning back,” said Sumner. 

The show follows Sumner as he dances his way through developing houses. It is described as HGTV mixed with La La Land. Instead of just flipping homes, Sumner is on a mission to show people how easy it is to build a brand new home while dancing along the way. 

“That’s when it became clear that I am appealing to two very large genre: dance and real estate. Ironically, producing entertainment and shows is very similar to managing build projects, in that you utilize people’s talents and skills to produce a product from scratch and create value. It wasn’t long before the catch line, ‘from dance production to big construction’ was born,” said Sumner.

Warren County turned out to be a great background for this show. Sumner says Tennessee is not always portrayed in a classy Hollywood style on screen and filming in a small town allowed him to show the beauty of the area. River Front Park is one of the areas featured in the show. 

“The Director fell in love with the area here and said it felt like it was a Norman Rockwell painting, and we wanted to have this area as the backdrop for the show. A scouting team looked for available locations, which was harder during the pandemic, but came up with a list that would push the limits and boundaries for the dance. Doing scenes that have never been attempted before,” said Sumner.

Sumner wants everyone in Warren County to enjoy this show and feel included.  

“This area is technically part of our show and cast and we want to make sure everyone is included,” said Sumner.

The show is also on a mission that helps fuel the “One Million Taps for One Million Kids” initiative through the “Tap Your Potential” after-school program that is being taken to kids everywhere as this movement goes global. The program is aimed at keeping kids off the streets, out of trouble and healthy. 

You can watch Sumner in the new show, “Rhythm with Views” on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and Google Play. 

For more information visit www.RhythmWith