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Civic Center to shut down by Feb. 18
Civic Center.jpg
McMinnville Civic Center

The keys to McMinnville Civic Center will be handed over to a construction company on Feb. 18, closing the facility to public use for at least 18 months.

According to McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department director Scott McCord, Sain Construction Company will be given complete access to the facility on Monday, Feb. 18 and it will be closed to the public until the $9.2 million project is complete. 

“The lease at Three Star Mall was signed Wednesday,” said McCord. “That lease will start on Feb. 15, but we can take occupancy immediately. Staff are on site getting the areas ready for use. The Civic Center will be turned over to Sain Construction Company on Feb. 18. We will be moving over the week before.” 

McCord is not sure if it will be necessary to close the Civic Center before Feb. 18.

“When we start to relocate, that’s when we’ll know if we need to close before Feb. 18,” said McCord. “I don’t know right now if that will be necessary. When we turn the building over to Sain Construction, it will be closed from that time until the project is complete.”

City employees are working at the mall to prepare those spaces for the department’s use.