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City wants more lights next year
Downtown's Christmas glow has been noticed by many residents, according to Mayor Jimmy Haley.

Hanging Christmas lights outside can be one of the holiday’s greatest challenges. The city of McMinnville is discovering that to be true after placing an estimated 55,000 lights downtown.
“We’ve had a little issue this go around with the timer,” said McMinnville Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee. “We’ve added some lights and they aren’t all compatible with the timer. We actually blew the timer out. They have ordered another timer so just bear with us.”
Landscape manager Hank Patton went above and beyond with this year’s decorations. The result is drawing attention from the community.
“More and more people have come to me and said how beautiful our downtown is and I would like to compliment Public Works and everyone who has assisted helping hang the lights,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley. “Increasing the number of lights each year has been beneficial. I think it’s a good idea to add to those each year and add some other things.”
Suggestions are being made.
“I’ve received several requests,” said Haley. “Among those were can we leave the little tea lights on the trees up and down Main Street on year-round, could we add some music and could we add some motion lights around the fountain? I’ve had all kinds of suggestions on what we could do for next year.”
Alderman Everett Brock says the inspiration for this year’s decorations came from Patton.