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City gives initial approval to sell lots
A minimum bid was submitted by realtor Bobby Kirby.

Investment Partners LLC is one vote away from owning two lots on Main Street.
A minimum bid of $25,000 was considered by McMinnville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen. It was submitted by realtor Bobby Kirby, one of the stakeholders in Investment Partners, to purchase 207 and 209 E. Main Street.
“Do you have an idea what your partners are considering doing with that property?” asked Vice Mayor Ben Newman.
Kirby replied, “We are going to build a two-story building that would look historic. It will have a historical façade, brick, and it would be approximately 40 by 80. We would have two store fronts with a stairwell, that’s most likely in the center, which would go up to one, two, three or four apartments or condos.”
When Newman asked if the group will work with McMinnville’s Historic Zoning Commission to ensure the materials chosen meet all guidelines for construction, Kirby replied, “I can do that. I’m familiar with that committee.”
The statement brought laughter. Kirby is a current and longstanding member of McMinnville’s Historic Zoning Commission.
“We would build it to where there’s two store fronts or it could be combined into one,” said Kirby.
Kirby said construction would likely begin next year, given Historic Zoning Commission approval of construction plans and approval of the project into the McMinnville Downtown Revenue Finance Corporation’s PILOT program.