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City employees honored for heroism at Gilley Pool
Special recognition was given to five city of McMinnville employees Tuesday night, three lifeguards who saved the lives of children at Gilley Pool and two administrative staff who provided the training necessary to accomplish the acts of heroism. Pictured, from left, are Robert Eschenbacher, Ethan Bandy, Isabel Kirby and Mayor Jimmy Haley.
McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley issued letters of commendation to several employees in the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.One letter was presented to lifeguard Isabel Kirby.“Please allow me to thank you on behalf of the city of McMinnville for your heroic efforts in saving a young boy from drowning at the Gilley Pool,” said Haley. “Your selfless actions remind us all of how special it is to be able to serve others … especially at their hardest and most difficult times. Your training and dedication to excellence paid off in the most special way … in saving a life.”One was presented to lifeguard Robert Eschenbacher.“On behalf of the city of McMinnville and its citizens, please allow me to offer our thanks and appreciation for your recent act of heroism while on lifeguard duty at Gilley Pool.