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City considers Our Ebeneezer property
Ebenezers Stone
McMinnville Heritage Preservation has asked the city to take over the deed to this property on Colville Street. The rock, called Our Ebenezer, signifies the city's first water supply.
The stone has been thrown in the direction of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, an 8-foot tall monument named “Our Ebenezer.” Building and Grounds Committee members met Tuesday to discuss an offer by McMinnville Heritage Preservation to transfer the deed to the site of the original town springs, a water source and the reason why the city was built here. The organization spent approximately $40,000 and numerous hours of volunteer labor cleaning the overgrown brush, removing trash, constructing an area for the monument, building a rock garden it called Emmanuel’s Garden and placing the stone it called Our Ebenezer to mark the spot that prompted settlers to locate here and establish the city of McMinnville.