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City budget nears final approval
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While Warren County government struggles to set its budget for the upcoming fiscal year, McMinnville government has its budget close to completion.
The McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen has passed on first read the city’s budget for fiscal year 2016-17. The measure was passed unanimously by Mayor Jimmy Haley, Vice Mayor Ben Newman, and Aldermen Ryle Chastain, Jimmy Bonner, Mike Neal and Steve Harvey. Alderman Everett Brock was absent.
Before OK’ing the budget, Haley and Newman voiced their approval.
“As most of you know, this has all gone through committee,” said Haley. “It’s gone through the Finance Committee. We’ve looked at it inside and outside. We’ve had a few discussions and made a few changes to the nonprofits, but I think it’s a budget we can live with. There’s no tax increase.”
Newman added, “I think this is a good budget. I think we did a good job of going through the process. Everybody met. We were well informed. I think we made good decisions. I’m ready to move forward with it.”
Budgets for the upcoming year: Administration $1.5 million; Police $3 million; Fire $2.9 million; Planning and Zoning $302,288; Parks and Recreation $1.7 million; Public Works $1.8 million; Street Aid $334,291; Drug Fund $15,957; Solid Waste $1.2 million; Water and Sewer $3.4 million.
Nonprofits donations of $313,479: Chamber $81,600; Library $73,300; Rescue Squad $6,000; UCHRA dues $2,721; UCDD $2,858; Chamber dues $5,500; IDB $40,000; Meals on Wheels $2,000; Food Bank $3,000; Sister Cities $7,000, Main Street McMinnville $40,000; BRAC $8,000; Heritage Alliance $1,000; Senior Center $25,000; Families in Crisis $5,000; Caring Hearts United $1,000; Young Men United $3,000; Kids of the Community $4,000; Books from Birth $2,500.
Being an ordinance, one more read is required. However, first read passed without any board member voicing disapproval.