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Circuit Court docket 10-29
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Sentences were handed down recently by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley. Included in court action:Kasey Lee O’Neal was ordered to serve nine months and must pay $750 plus costs for possession of meth.Jack Lovell was directed to serve 72 days of a four-year sentence and must make $400 restitution for theft and aggravated burglary.Jennifer Rene Mabe was given an eight-year sentence but will be admitted to adult recovery court and must pay $2,000 plus costs for delivery of meth.Wayne Nathan Jones was directed to serve an 11-month, 29-day sentence for domestic assault.Jean Luc Keller was instructed to serve 156 days of an 11-29 sentence for possession of drug paraphernalia.Thomas Allen Willett was ordered to serve 48 hours of an 11-29 sentence and pay $150 plus costs for possession of drug paraphernalia.Rex A. Lawhead was handed an 11-29 probationary sentence and must forfeit his weapon for unlawful carrying of a weapon.Barry Harold Austin was ordered to serve 150 days of an 11-29 sentence, perform 60 hours public service work, pay $1,100 plus costs and lose his driver license for six years for third-offense DUI.