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Cell service poor at two schools
Schools seek answers for poor cell service
Dibrell is one of two schools that needs better cellphone coverage, the School Board says.

Can you hear me now?
The Warren County Board of Education says it cannot, especially at outlying schools like Irving College and Dibrell where cellphone service is sketchy at best. Board members say this creates a security issue.
“I think cell coverage is critical for the safety of the children,” said School Board member Tanya Bess, who represents the area which includes Irving College School where cellular coverage is sporadic. “In case of an emergency, cell coverage may be vital.”
Director of Schools Bobby Cox pointed out Dibrell School has as big of a dead zone as Irving College when it comes to getting a cellphone signal. He agreed it isn’t just the convenience of having access to a smartphone during school hours, but it is necessary in case of emergencies. He noted it is not just school-day issues but there is a concern about after-hours events like extracurricular activities and ballgames.
“I think we need to ask for an explanation,” said Cox.
Cox suggested the Board of Education draft a letter to Verizon to see if anything can be done to improve cell coverage at Dibrell and Irving College for the sake of student safety.
Cox said Verizon advertises how far-reaching its coverage is, but it doesn’t seem to even extend to the outlying areas of Warren County.
“Let’s see how sincere they are about their advertising their 4G coverage,” Cox challenged in directing a letter be sent to Verizon, explaining the issues the school system is having with coverage at Dibrell and Irving College.