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Morrison Industries a homegrown success story
Stacy Lee has opened The Lunch Lady food truck at 1112 Sparta Street. Shes pictured serving Coty Cantrell one of her many types of coffee.
I want to start this week’s column with a shout-out to Morrison Industries, which has announced it’s opening a second facility in Detroit, Mich., early next year.It continues an amazing run for a homegrown business started by Ron and Renee Wilson that had less than 10 employees when it began operation in 1994.Thanks to help from our Industrial Development Board and its spec building program, the company was able to expand and grow its workforce to as many as 300 employees. With an upcoming plant in Michigan, Morrison Industries will be in the hub of the automotive world and will be able to glean business from what’s known as The Big Three of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.“Thirty-five to 40 percent of all automotive production in America happens in a very condensed area up there,” said Morrison Industries president and CEO Jacob Wilson. “If you take a 30-minute drive you’ll pass four or five assembly plants.”With a sales team hard at work in Detroit, it will lead to orders at the facility in Michigan, but also more work here in Warren County.“Morrison will always be our headquarters and our largest facility,” said Jacob.