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Blue Building interest picks up again
A development group is pitching the Blue Building to several hotel chains in hopes of getting a bite. The city-owned building has been vacant for eight years.
It’s around this time of year, when the seasons shift and people scurry to find their pumpkin spice, that interest in the Blue Building seems to percolate.Like the end of daylight saving time, which coincidentally is next weekend, interest in the Blue Building seems to dawn once a year. And like daylight saving time, there’s a lot of initial talk, but after a few weeks people forget about it and go on with their lives.To rekindle interest, the city pays for a Blue Building study and the process starts all over again.With this introduction serving as a backdrop, it’s my pleasure to announce there’s once again interest in the Blue Building. A development group has taken a fancy to the property and is interested in putting a name-brand hotel there.