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Bonner charged for contraband
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A man has been charged with trying to smuggle contraband into Warren County Jail in his socks.
The suspect, Clifton Dale Bonner, 35, was bound to the grand jury on charges of fabricating evidence and introduction of drugs into the county jail.
His charges come after a search of his person was conducted by correctional officer David Baker before he was to be placed in general population to serve time on other charges. Baker had gotten information Bonner would try to smuggle banned items into the jail.
“I confronted Mr. Bonner and advised him of the information I’d received,” Baker said in his warrant against Bonner. “He admitted he had a small amount of tobacco on the bottom of his foot and removed it.”
The officer then noticed something between Bonner’s fingers. “There was an off-white substance hidden between his fingers. It was recovered and sent to the crime lab for examination.”
The discoveries weren’t through as still more contraband was found on Bonner, this time in his socks as he was being dressed out.
“Found in one of his rolled socks was a ring and a yellow bundle containing pills that he identified as oxys,” Baker said.
However, when Baker went to confer with his supervisor about the pills, Bonner reportedly destroyed or disposed of the evidence and then denied knowing what happened.
“He first denied knowing what happened to the yellow bundle and then later denied it had ever existed,” Baker said, noting the disappearance of the evidence brought about the tampering charge against the inmate.