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Bonnaroo adds laundry service
Bon - laundry
James Clark photos Dont worry about Dirty Laundry at Bonnaroo. LG Electronics is offering free laundry service where clothes are washed, dried, and folded. Pictured is LG representative Phoebe Dinner.

After 17 years, Bonnaroo has finally become your mother.

Free laundry service is among the many new offerings at the four-day music festival which got underway Thursday in Manchester.

Called the LaundROO Lounge, visitors can drop off their dirty clothes, then pick them up later after they’ve been washed and folded. The service is compliments of LG Electronics, which is constructing a new manufacturing facility in the Clarksville area that’s expected to employ 650.

“With our new facility expected to open later this year, this is something we wanted to do to get our name out there as a community outreach service,” said LG Electronics representative Phoebe Dinner.

There are 50 washers and dryers on site just down from the iconic Bonnaroo arch. The free laundry service might not be able to cleanse the unwashed masses frolicking around the 700-acre farm, but it can clean their clothes.

“You’ll be refreshed with mind, body and wardrobe,” said LG representative Katherine O’Keefe.

LG is also offering a clothing swap. Any person can browse through a selection of some 3,000 items and pick out a shirt, belt, or boots to their liking. The only requirement is they must leave an item to pick up an item. The item traded will then be washed, dried and set out for others to see.

“There’s no limit to how many times you can do a clothing swap,” said O’Keefe. “You can treat it like a costume party and change several times a day.”

The laundry service is the latest in a long list of upgrades that has seen the Bonnaroo grounds add permanent showers and bathrooms with flushing commodes over the past two years.

And, to accommodate all of life’s milestones, a section has even been added to conduct wedding ceremonies at Bonnaroo due to the high volume of requests that have been made.

“People will often come up to me and say, ‘I have the greatest idea. I want to get married at Bonnaroo and I want to get married on the main stage,’” said Jeff Cuellar, one of the promoters. “I always say 1) it’s not that unique of an idea because several people ask every year, and 2) no you can’t get married on the main stage.”

One of the permanent Bonnaroo barns has been renamed The Ville to pay homage to Nashville and all its influences, including food, music and art.

There’s an old Volkswagen bus set up at The Ville that serves as a photo studio. Participants can pose for four consecutive shots in the backseat, then enter their phone number to have the pictures texted to their phone.

Tickets for the festival remain on sale at Headliners are Eminem, The Killers, and Muse. Sheryl Crow, Chromeo, Khalid, Sturgill Simpson, and Old Crow Medicine Show are among others in the lineup.