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Award-winning singer Tony Memmel comes to McMinnville on Friday
Singer-Songwriter Tony Memmel original.jpg
Singer/ songwriter Tony Memmel will be performing at Westwood Day School and Covenant Academy this Friday.

Tony Memmel is a nationally renowned singer/ songwriter with unique charm and creativity. He was born missing his left forearm and taught himself to play the guitar by building a homemade cast out of duct tape that secures a guitar pick to his arm, allowing him to pluck and strum the guitar strings.

Memmel is an ambassador with the nonprofit organization Lucky Fin Project, a support group for children with hand and limb differences. He also teaches adaptive guitar lessons to students with physical differences.

This Friday, May 3, Memmel will be performing at Westwood Day School in the fellowship hall at 9:45 a.m. and talking to the kids about perseverance with social and emotional learning connections.

Westwood kindergarten teacher Catherine Bryant said Memmel was born like her daughter Avery. 

“We were supposed to go to one of his events at a school in Hermitage, but Avery got sick that day so Tracy Roberts, a music specialist at Dodson Elementary who is the aunt of one of our students, organized all of this so Avery could still experience it,” said Bryant.

Memmel will also be performing at Covenant Academy at 1:30 p.m. in the auditorium. Visitors are asked to sign in at the front office before the performance. Memmel is expected to play a variety of songs for about an hour. 

The public is welcome to attend both events. For more information about Memmel, visit