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Animal shelter budget gets cut
Carolyn Miller also pointed to the need for a circle drive to make the facility handicap accessible.

The county Budget and Finance Committee made its first cut of the proposed 2016-17 budget season on Tuesday.
Getting the ax and placed on hold was $50,000 that Building and Grounds Committee members added to this year’s budget for building improvements, which was specifically earmarked for Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.
“Carolyn Miller suggested the $50,000 and it suits me fine,” said Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin. “I’m sure Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center can use $50,000 but I would rather wait and see where we are at the end of the budget to see if it will be OK.”
On the committee with Bouldin are Commissioners Terry Bell, chair, Michael Martin and Diane Starkey. Commissioner Ken Martin was absent.
Bell stated, “Do you want to make a motion to approve the rest of it and we can come back and look at it later?”
“Yes,” said Bouldin. “I told them we would probably remove it and consider it at the end when we saw where we were in the budget.”
Bell questioned what the funds were intended to cover, to which Bouldin replied, “The installation of a circle drive and whatever improvements need to be made to the building.”
Animal Control has $1,500 placed in its budget each fiscal year for building maintenance.
The motion came after it took 3-4 months for the county to repair a leaking roof at the facility, a situation that could have been avoided said Miller.
Miller also pointed to the need for a circle drive to make the facility handicap accessible after having to witness an elderly lady attempting to back down the driveway because there was no way to turn around in the parking lot.
Budget and Finance Committee members unanimously approved removing the $50,000 from consideration, as well as approving the remainder of the budget.